How to cancel and / or delete a course from my schedule and notify my clients.

It is possible to cancel or delete a class directly from the calendar by clicking on the modification icon:

At the bottom of the edit menu you will find two buttons:

  • Cancel the course
  • Delete this class

Here is the difference between the two options offered:

Option # 1: Cancel the course

This option allows you to cancel a course and notify registered customers automatically *

* Do not forget to activate the model in the "List of models" tab so that customers are automatically notified. This notification can be sent by SMS and / or email.

Option # 2: Clear the course

If you have, for example, created a course by mistake or if you want to delete a course from the calendar, you can use this option. Note that you will not be able to delete the course if there are people registered. You must have withdrawn their registration beforehand. No customer will then be notified with this option.

With this button, it will also be possible to delete only or course or all the recurrence: