We explain the different ways of taking attendance in a course.

There are several ways to take attendance in a course.

This can be done automatically with the integration of a scanner, or it can be done manually via the attendance of the instructors.

Attendance by an instructor:

There are 2 ways to take attendance, either by using the web version (or mobile responsive), or by using the mobile application.

If you want to take attendance via the web interface, go to the calendar page and click on the course title.

You will be able to take attendance, add a customer, access specific notes and modify the customer's contract, if necessary.

You can also access this option via the mobile application:

Attendance check with a scanner & barcode from the mobile application:

It is also possible to purchase a barcode reader to control the training of your members in your classes.

There are various parameters allowing in particular to take attendance automatically when customers scan their barcode.

This therefore considerably reduces the time it takes for your instructors to attend classes.