All information about the Free Trial tab

Here's how the Free Trial tab works.

This tab is independent of the Membership Management section, if a profile is created in the "Free Trial" section and in the "Membership Management" tab, it will be created in duplicate in the system. You can change the role from free trial to member by clicking directly on Free trial in the Role column. It will be transferred automatically to Membership management.

As soon as a customer clicks on the "Free trial" button and enters their information, an email is sent to them so that they can connect to the platform and register for the course of their choice.

In the "Free Trial" tab, this potential customer will appear under the "Interested" heading. Subsequently, when this client has completed his course, he will be automatically redirected to the "Follow-up" section.

At any time you can leave notes in his file and follow up by clicking on his name.

The colors are indications of time since the creation of this profile:

  • In blue, it is less than 48 hours since the creation of the profile
  • In yellow, it's 48 hours since creation
  • In red, more than 48 hours since creation

You can therefore follow up by email or phone for those customers who have not completed their trial.

You can archive a customer who is not interested at this time but that you could relaunch at the appropriate time, it will be transferred under the "Archived" tab. Additionally, you can export this list for mass emailing to all of those potential customers.