All information about terminated subscriptions

Once the member's subscription is complete, it can be found in the "Follow-ups" tab in the "Member Management" section:

As the name of the section suggests, you must contact these members in order to follow up to renew their subscription since no renewal is planned in their account.

To simplify follow-ups, especially if several employees are in charge of carrying out these follow-ups, go to the "follow-up information" section to take follow-up notes:

In this section, it is possible to add and/or modify notes, and to change the status of the customer. If the customer does not wish to renew their subscription, you can change their status to "archive" so that they no longer end up in your follow-up list. It will then be found in the "Archived" tab.

You can change the status to "active" at any time and assign a subscription in the event that a member decides to return to your center.