How to connect your merchant account to process transactions

To complete this step, you must first have completed step 2, i.e. opening your merchant account.

Netbanx (Paysafe)

To connect your Netbanx (Paysafe) account to your platform, you must add the account numbers in the predefined fields on your profile > "Integrations" tab.

For both types of accounts, this is usually a 10-digit number.

If you opened a credit card account and a direct debit account, you will have two different account numbers to add.

If you are unable to locate these account numbers, please write to so that our team can assist you.


To connect your Bambora account, you have several fields to fill in. Here are the steps to properly configure the integration.

Merchant ID: This is your account number.

API Passcode: This code can be found under the "Administration" tab when you connect to your Bambora account.

API profile passcode: This code can be found under the configuration tab when you log into your Bambora account.

Company name: This is the company name you use when you log in.

Username: This is the username you use when you log in.

Password: This is the password you use when you log in.