How to ensure emails through your platform are sent and received

How does it work?

This step is important as it will ensure that automated emails are sent correctly to your FLiiP platform. It is essential to complete the steps before making your official upload.

To get started, we suggest that you use a corporate email since all automated emails sent to your members will come from this email. It is also at this address that you will receive important notifications such as :

  • A copy of invoices sent to customers;
  • The details of a contract when a member makes a new purchase;
  • Contract requests;
  • A daily and weekly report of the status of your transactions.

We also recommend that you use a corporate email (for example: rather than a Gmail or Hotmail address to optimize your deliverability rate. For more information about emails, we invite you to consult the following article

The steps to validate your email:

  1. Enter your email in the required field and click on validate;
  2. You will receive an email from Amazon Web Service. Check your spam emails if you haven't received it to your inbox;
  3. Open the email and click on the link;
  4. You will be redirected to the Amazon Web Service login page. You can then exit the page, your validation has been successfully completed.