What is the purpose of this feature?

The shared membership is a setting that, when enabled, allows to share the same membership between several users.

The membership must be assigned only to one of the profiles that will share the membership. 
Payments will therefore be deducted from the main profile.

Example of application:

  • Session contract: Two friends want to share a 20-session card together. A customer makes the purchase then both can book under the same membership. 

  • Regular contract:  A couple wants to purchase an unlimited "Couple" membership. The transaction associated with this membership will be charged in a single transaction on the master profile.

  • Family contract: A father and his 2 children wish to share a membership of a 100 sessions for the year. All can book under the same membership.

How to activate this option for a member:

You must first go to the Member Management section, on the profile of the customer with a membership that you want to share with another customer.

In the "Contracts" section you must select the membership, then click on the "Share a contract" option.

Then you can select the customer who will benefit from that same membership.

It will then be indicated on his profile with the mention, "Shared with ..."

Tips from an ambitious owner :

Keep in mind that sharing a membership across multiple profiles can potentially reduce your sales. That is why we recommend increasing the price of an equivalent membership for one person only.

For example, for a couple package, you could add a two-way membership incentive by including a discount or an additional service such as a free initial consultation.

For example, for an "à la carte package", you should increase the package amount by +/- 15% of the price when purchased solo.