What is this interface for? 

This interface allows you to quickly validate which members is present or absent in your classes. It is therefore suggested that each coach should systematically be able to take the attendance at the beginning of the class.

By taking the attendance, you keep a history of each member and also allow them to evaluate their experience.

This allows you to validate that each participant has access to this class, a valid membership, but also other important information that can help you improve the customers' experience:

Indicates a free trial, or the customer’s first class.

Indicates that a membership is expiring.
Indicates a member’s late cancel. In parallel it allows to the member present in the waiting list, to be registered directly to the chosen class.

Indicates a balance owed by the client.

Indicates a member’s birthday within 7 days. You can therefore mark birthdays in a personalized way. 

Indicates that a client has been validated for the vaccine passport.
Indicates that you have more than one notification on a client.

Taking attendance, will allow your instructors to validate if members were present in a class in order to charge 100% of the services offered to your members.

As an administrator, a quick check can be done via the Calendar:

red dot : indicates that no member has been checked.

An orange Dot : Indicates that members have been partially checked.

Without indicator : Indicates that the course has not yet started, or that all attendances have been verified.

Tips from the Ambitious Owner: Keep in mind to verify your classes attendances once a week to charge 100% for your services.

Missing attendance means missing income.

As a reminder, you will find on this link, the implementation of your cancellation settings, late cancellations, and set up a waiting list for your classes.